614 Blue Jay 6 Rd
Cool Ridge, WV 25825

Group Info: (304) 673-3268 Jennifer.  Kevin won't be able to help you ;)

Weekend Info or Livestock: (304) 673-3308 Kevin 
We stay very busy and often times do not check our email.  Please call, or better yet, text our numbers above
Fall hours: 
Monday - Friday open to groups by appointment and for parties 
Saturdays 10-5:30 and Sundays - 12 to 5:30pm
This means we close at 5:30.  If you arrive at 5:15 you'll need to leave at 5:30 pm.  We're sorry for the incovenience, but please realize we have small children and often times have groups scheduled for 6 pm.
Contact Information and Directions to the Farm
Directions to the Farm 
From North of Shady Spring (toward Beckley): 
Take I-64 to the Beaver Exit, 125A.  At the end of the ramp stay straight and go 1.3 miles to a stop light.  At the light turn left.  Go 5.5 mile and turn right onto Cherry Creek Road.  Travel .2 mile and turn right onto Blue Jay 6 Rd.  We are located 1.3 miles on the right hand side of the road.  

From South of Shady Spring (toward Princeton): 
Take I-77N to the Ghent/Flat Top exit, 28.  At the end of the ramp turn right.  Drive.2 mile to the intersection.  Turn left onto US 19 and drive 3 miles to the Cool Ridge Post Office.  Turn left onto Blue Jay 6 Rd.  Drive 3 miles.  Make sure to stay right in the curve DO NOT go Straight onto W Whitby Rd.  Go under the interstate the fourth time. The farm is on top of the hill on your left.

If you go south on I77 and get off at Ghent, make sure to turn left at the end of the ramp and don't go to Odd.
There are small road signs along the way to help.  

Your phone maps App will bring you to the driveway.  Turn off Siri once you get here.  Otherwise she drives you to the house.
Call ahead in rainy weather to check our schedule 
Payment Methods
Personal Check
Sorry -- we do NOT take credit/debit cards
We are located close to I77 but there is no exit here.  We are 7 miles from the Ghent/Flat Top Exit

Only open Weekends