The Pumpkin Lady at work
Homemade Breads and Pies
From Jennifer Okes’ kitchen

Fresh Pumpkin Bread with Icing
Large loaves of pumpkin bread double the size of that Farm from OH with
       restaurants all over the country
Beautifully etched icing for an extra special touch
Makes 8 slices per loaf

Pumpkin Roll with cream cheese filling

Pumpkin Bread       $12 per loaf $2 slice
Pumpkin Rolls         $15 per roll $2.50 slice

New for 2015 -- caramel apples
                          mini pumpkin pies
All sorts of delicious goods available.  Fresh made daily. You'll want to get yours early they tend to go fast.  
Abby working on a masterpiece
Our little southern belle making some sweet tea