In Starlight, Indiana this is the place to visit.  This farm has everything
                          you need to have a wonderful time, whether it is just you and that special someone or the whole family. 
                          It is a great place for a wonderful time.  This farm is the inspiration behind our ideas here at our farm.  They
                          have a great place for the kids to play while mom and dad visit the winery.  We highly recommend this
                          destination on one of your trips.  We are greatly anticipating our next trip there. 

                          If your ever in western Ohio this winery has some awesome events such as swine and wine in the fall and
                          steak fry nights in the summer                         

                         This is a great website.  Kevin and I found ourselves traveling here every year and had a great time.  If you
                         are ever in Starlight, Indiana you should stop by and have a great time. 

                          This site will tell you about other pumpkin patches throughout the state. 

                          This site will tell you all about other corn mazes throughout West Virginia and other states. 

                         This is a great site to find other pumpkin patches around the country 

                          David Redwine's homesite for his commercial sheep operation raising purebred Katahdins for the Scott Co Hair Sheep Association.

                          Main website for Dorper Sheep

                          Christmas Tree farm that sells trees and wreaths very reasonably.  Great place to make a Christmas Tradition