Two lambs on left were purchased from Hamilton Sheep Station.  Three ewe lambs on right were born Jan - Feb 2011 and raised on our farm.  We'll be showing next year with the big boys. 
White Dorper and Commercial Sheep
Big Ram on right is from KY Grassland Dorpers and will be the foundation of our flock.  Big lambs in picuture are from 1/2 Kathadin ewes purchased from Dave Redwine of Scott Co VA.  Lambs were 9 mo's old in this picture
Wool is Worthless
The backbreaking job of shearing sheep yourself or paying someone $4 or more to shear a sheep is ridiculous today. 
We are using White Dorper and White Dorper/Katahdin ewes.  We breed to a heavy muscled, easy-lambing White Dorper Ram. 
Each year we sell our 6+ year old bred ewes.  This keeps our flock young and offers others an inexpensive way to get started with some great sheep.
Our breeding stock can be traced to the following farms/producers
Dave Anderson of Kegley, WV
Dave Redwine of Scott Co, VA
KY Grassland Dorpers of
    Elizabethtown, KY
Hamilton Sheep Station, Hamilton TX
Foggey Hollow Farm, Gallant AL
Austin and Abby catching newborn twins to tag May 22.  These spring lambs will be taken to the OH Dorper Showcase next May
Big, deep-bodied ewes that shed wool, raise big lambs, and are easy keepers
Abby and Austin in barn with easter lambs winter of 2011
Ewes while on summer pasture at David Redwines in VA
Foundation ewes
Ewe with one month old twins in February
Farm-raised lambs with ram.  Smooth lambs were purchased from Hamilton Sheep Station